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Retired advertising guy living in Montana. Writes "Musings on the Morning" and comments on Yellowstone Park.

February 2, 2014, I discovered that the military base I served on Crete had been abandoned.  The amateur photo collection is worth a look.  The Air Force just walked away from it,  The site is now in the hands of … Continue reading

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Taking flight late in life…..

Taking flight late in life……

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A Christmas message for family and friends.

Many of you may live in large cities, others in the prairie country or mountain states.  I think we take for granted the surroundings that shape us and I offer a morning of thoughts from Montana in December 2012. It … Continue reading

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The Nazi Exterminator

His boyhood was less than remarkable.  He was asked to clean the fishing nets and look in on his grandparents, but other than that, things remained calm in the fishing village of Tvetestran Norway.  There had been talk, uncomfortable talk about … Continue reading

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Windmill tilting in Crete

It was October of 1959 and I was standing on the tarmac of Idlewild airport in New York, on my way to a tour of duty with the Air force on the island of Crete.  The huge  propellers of the … Continue reading

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